1.  Peak "Plug & Play"
Air Source Heat Pump Heating & Hot Water System
    Peak "Plug & Play" Air Source Heat Pump Heating & Hot Water System
    ....INSTALLATION MADE EASY Take away the headaches of an install with our PEAK “Plug & Play” System, reducing the installer skill set requirements, removing questions of configuration and halving the install time.
Your Energy Solutions supply industry leading sustainable renewable technologies 
with unrivalled Quality, Value and Technical Expertise.
Our high efficiency systems have been specifically designed for optimum performance in UK climate conditions, using carefully chosen manufacturing partners with state of the art, quality assured production facilities, strong warranties and support, to go with the best value premium performing equipment.​
Get up to £14,000 from the Governments (RHI) Renewable Heat Incentive scheme
with an Air Source Heat Pump installed in your home​​

To encourage homeowners to switch to renewable technologies like heat pumps, the Government has launched its Renewable Heat Incentive scheme providing free money to both domestic and non-domestic properties investing in renewable technology.

Under the RHI, installing an Air Source Heat Pump can provide a domestic property with up to £14,000 in payments over 7 years plus further fuel savings of up to 30% with mains gas and as much as 60% savings for off mains fuel such as Oil or LPG.​

With the RHI payments and fuel savings you will significantly offset the investment cost with peace of mind that you are also protecting against ever increasing fuel bills.​